Grace Alone Academy
Student Tuition: $45.00 (1st Student in Family)
Student Tuition: $40.00 (Additional Student in Family)

Graduation Fee: $125 + Priority Shipping
Due 12 weeks prior to graduation. Includes diploma, cover
& final transcripts.
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Yearly Attendance Report & Registration Renewal
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PLEASE RENEW: By agreeing to and submitting this form, I agree to renew my child's enrollment in Grace Alone
Academy for one full calendar year. Should I choose to withdraw during that year, registration fees are not
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Please use the appropriate payment buttons to the right to make your renewal payment and/or other payments
due. If you do not make payment, will will send a Paypal invoice upon receipt of your renewal.
PLEASE WITHDRAW: I am hereby withdrawing my student from Grace Alone Academy at this time. I understand
that my files will be kept on record for a period of 1 calendar year and will be forwarded to another school at my
request during that year. Should I wish to have my files removed from the system and mailed to me, I may
request a copy of the file by certified mail during the year following withdrawal. There is a $10 charge for
this service. Please email to request a copy of your record.
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