Grace Alone Academy
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Grace Alone Academy  Graduation Requirements

4 Credits English Language Arts (ELA)
ELA honors, Advanced Placement (AP), Advanced
International Certificate of Education (AICE),
International Baccalaureate (IB) and dual enrollment
courses may satisfy this requirement

4 Credits Mathematics
One of which must be Algebra I and one of which must
be Geometry
Industry certifications that lead to college credit may
substitute for up to two mathematics credits (except
for Algebra I and Geometry)

3 Credits Science
One of which must be Biology I, two of which must be
equally rigorous science courses.
Two of the three required credits must have a
laboratory component.
An industry certification that leads to college credit
substitutes for up to one science credit (except for
Biology I)
An identified rigorous Computer Science course with a
related industry certification substitutes for up to one
science credit (except for Biology I)

3 Total Credits in Social Studies
1 credit in World History
1 credit in U.S. History
.5 credit in U.S. Government
.5 credit in Economics with Financial Literacy

1 Credit Fine and Performing Arts, Speech and Debate, or
Practical Arts*

1 Credit Physical Education*
To include the integration of health

*Eligible courses and eligible course substitutions are
specified in the Florida Course Code Directory at

8 Elective Credits

1 Online Course

Students must earn a 2.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale

Must Take SAT or ACT during Junior or Senior Year

State University System
Admission into Florida’s public universities is competitive.
Prospective students should complete a rigorous curriculum in
high school and apply to more than one university to increase
their chance for acceptance. To qualify to enter one of
Florida’s public universities, a first-time-in-college student
must meet the following minimum requirements:

High school graduation with a standard diploma
Admission test scores
16 credits of college preparatory academic courses
4 English (3 with substantial writing)
4 Mathematics (Algebra I level and above)
3 Natural Science (2 with substantial lab)
3 Social Science
2 World Language (sequential, in the same language)
2 approved electives

Must Take SAT or ACT during Junior or Senior Year

*Foreign Language as elective 2 credits in the same language (not
required for graduation, but required for college entrance
Attention ALL High school
students (9-12)

All High school students are required
to report credits and grades online.
You may register for a FAMILY
account (only one account needed
per family) at

Make Sure to use the GAA discount
code when registering. The discount
code is GAA7   

A FEE of $55.00 for each previous year in high
school needing acceptance that you were not
enrolled in Grace Academy.(example: student
enrolls in eleventh grade and wants ninth and
tenth grade credits applied toward graduation.  A
charge of $55.00 for ninth grade credits and
$55.00 for tenth grade credits will be added).
Students in Grade 12 (or graduating
There is a $125.00 graduation fee in addition to
tuition for each student during their graduating
year (includes diploma, padded diploma cover,
and tassel).  We will provide four transcripts at no
charge.  There will be a $10.00 fee for each
additional transcript after the initial four.  This must
be paid in advance